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Creative non-fiction in the form of opinion pieces, essays and feature writing is my special interest. This website will feature my published writing that has appeared in newspapers, magazines and in e-book form. I have been writing from my home of 27 years – in Leith Valley, but have moved on and now (after a year’s interlude in a little cottage in Opoho) live on the slopes of Vauxhall overlooking the Otago harbour, Dunedin, New Zealand. Tony Eyre

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    1. tony

      Thanks Tess. You may have to go and read John Llewellyn’s book “How Green was my Valley”. I have the DVD of the movie based on the book. You can watch it when you come over.

  1. Mary Betz

    Hi Tony
    What a treasure trove here – just happened to come across it. Can you tell me if it is possible to get a digital copy of your Springbok tour book? Did you get an email from me to you and Yvonne about a chapter I am writing on social justice in NZ? I sent it to Yvonne’s email address. Coming down your way in Dec, hope to catch up.
    All good wishes,

    1. tony

      Hi Mary
      Thanks for your comments. The Springbok Tour piece is available on Amazon.com and most other e-book sites for a small charge. However you can also access it free from the link on the tab on this website. There is also a paper copy at the Dunedin Public Library and the University of Otago Hocken Library. Other than those sources there are no other digital links. Received your email and will answer it separately.

  2. Max

    Hi Tony, Really enjoyed the coffee essay in the newspaper and reading about Yvonne’s ping pong. Very amazing. Great wedding photo and early Yvonne photos. Congratulations on the grandchildren and your brilliant writing. Hello to Yvonne.
    Max Gillman

  3. Beth Gordon

    Greetings Tony
    I have just googled 2nd Otago Regiment Meteren (I think that is what I did). Anyway I clicked on to your OTD article and was impressed. I too have been researching the ‘Meteren incident’ and the POWs.
    I have compiled quite a number of pages as I tried to get more information about my relative: Alfred CLARK (#62934). I am now in a position of wondering what to do with my findings. Alf was from Ashburton.
    Perhaps I could phone you or you could advise me .
    I live near Thames, Coromandel.

    1. tony

      Hi Beth

      Nice to here from you. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Yes, Alfred Clark. I see he was in Soltau. Please email me on tonyeyre@xtra.co.nz and I’ll give you my mobile number and we can have a chat.
      Tony Eyre

  4. Max Gillman

    โ€œHe held five acesโ€ with four sheep, a house, a cottage and a barn. Once the herd was bigger. The “black sheep” that was to be a child’s pet got picked out for slaughter for the sheering fee.

    1. tony

      Hi Max

      Great to hear from you. I remember that black sheep. I don’t think he got eaten. He either fell into a ditch and drowned or you ran over it with your Landrover. We sold that property back in 2015. I can still picture you ruminating in an easy chair on that cottage verandah.
      Cheers, Tony

  5. Claire

    Hi Da!
    Great job on the website. Did you do it all yourself or did you have help (I’m not sure it you have the technical ability ๐Ÿ˜‚)? Either way I’m proud of you for branching out and I can’t wait to read your new and coming book. I hope I get to see you soon.
    Claire, ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. tony

      Hi Claire

      Thanks for the compliment! I have put all the content in myself but I do have a great techno guy called James who keeps me informed and helps me if I get stuck. I suppose you learn programming at school. Great to hear from you and I look forward to when I can visit you and Michael again in Australia.
      xx Da

  6. William

    Hi there,
    I am doing a bit of research into Bill Hodgson, I was wondering if you might have any contact details for the decedents. I see you wrote a fascinating article on him 12 years ago.

    Kind regards



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